Digital Markteing

Base your marketing decisions on solid data from Google Analytics.


Google Analytics helps you understand your customers better. Google Analytics Solutions offer marketing solutions that benefit businesses of all sizes with various product types and business goals. To make the most out of the Google Analytics suite of products, you need a team or Google analytics consultant who fully understands the data and knows how to analyze it and read meaning into its implications. We, at Yalla, can help you with just that. Our team of professionals knows the ins and outs of Google Analytics and can help you understand your customers and their needs in a manner like never before!

Track and Measure Your Website Audiences

  1. Establish important website success metrics
  2. Implement custom tracking on webpages
  3. Record more data from valuable touchpoints
  4. Produce enriched audience data outputs
  5. Get clear website performance reporting

A Risk Free Business Analysis

Yalla understands that the term ‘analytics’ can be quite daunting.

Our Google Analytics experts are here to help.

Professional Installation

If you are launching a new website, sub-domain, or re-launching an existing website, you don’t want to leave your Google Analytics to chance. We ensure your installation and settings are correctly installed and tailored to your business needs.

Advanced Setup and Configuration

If you have an existing Google Analytics account with a basic installation, we can take it to the next level. We configure the account to maximize the data value back to your business. The right account configuration ensures you are recording accurate data that poised for insight and action.

Tracking and Measurement Strategy

Shaping your Google Analytics account into a data powerhouse for your business. Record more data and drive more insights from your account by tracking valuable website touchpoints. Start measuring and understanding the value behind each website interaction.

Conversion Goals

Accurately track your website success factors. We configure accounts to track conversion funnels and goals. This gives your business full visibility of which website traffic is building your business success. Start recording your phone calls, downloads, leads, forms, registrations, ticket sales, shopping purchases, and more.

Basic Google Analytics setup?​

A reporting interface that reports how many users come to your website, when and for how long.

Reports that slice and dice data around which pages users arrive on, how long, and whether they are leaving quickly or spending the desired amount of time there.

  1. Which other websites users are coming from
  2. How easily your website is being found in Google by your potential customers
  3. What social media channels are working for you
  4. Which of your marketing channels provide the most profitable customers to your site
  5. How and where you should invest more of your marketing dollars into your web marketing

Our team will provide you with a customized analytics reporting dashboard illustrating key metrics in a clear, sleek design, perfect for presentations. We also provide ongoing consultation and interpretation of data to show how it can be used to fine-tune your site’s user experience and seriously increase your online revenue.